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Formbird FLEET tackles mammoth Philippines fleet management challenge

Philippines fleet management challenge

Some news from Mark Hosking, CEO, Formbird

As director of the Bureau of Equipment in the Philippines Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), Toribio Noel Ilao (Noel) has an extremely challenging job. He’s responsible for more than 10,000 assets that the department needs to manage, maintain and as well as expand a network of more than 30,000kms of roads spread across more than 7,000 islands.
DPWH Bureau of Equipment (BOE) Director Toribio Noel L. Ilao

Toribio Noel Ilao (Noel)

Director of the Bureau of
Equipment in the Philippines Department of Public Works and Highways

Environmental challenges

In addition, DPWH faces challenges from climate change, security and resource limitations. The Philippines is consistently one of the countries most impacted by natural disasters. In 2020 it was ranked seventh and has been ranked second only to Japan as the country at greatest risk from climate change.

Marikina River dredging

Mother Nature aside, Noel’s job is about to get much easier. Philippines managed security systems company Annex Digital has secured a contract from DPWH to provide a comprehensive fleet management system using Formbird FLEET, an Australian-developed comprehensive fleet management solution based on Formbird’s low-code development platform. This means that it can be easily configured by people who understand the needs of any particular fleet operator without them needing a high degree of skill to write or modify computer code.

Unlike conventional “off the shelf” solutions, Formbird FLEET is able to adapt its workflow to match and continually improve the existing business processes of an organisation.

BIG FLOAT – amphibious excavators

Latest of many initiatives

Implementation of Formbird is the latest in a string of initiatives Noel has put in place to improve the efficiency and safety of DPWH operations. In 2015, DPWH adopted ISO 55001:2014 (asset management) in its fleet management program and upgraded its ISO 9001:2008 quality management certification to ISO 9001:2015. It has since obtained certification to ISO 45001:2018, covering occupational health and safety, and has adopted reliability-centred maintenance’ (RCM), a process that ensures maintenance tasks of all kinds — preventive or predictive — are performed in an efficient, cost-effective, reliable, and safe manner.

Formbird FLEET, which Noel will deploy in his latest efficiency-boosting initiative, allows organisations to manage individual fleet assets, rather than managing a ‘class’ of fleet assets. It provides more than 100 forms, 130 business rules and 30 reports and is able to integrate with existing corporate applications.

More than three million assets managed

Formbird presently manages more than three million assets across 10 organisations. These assets range in value and complexity from a whipper-snipper worth a few hundred dollars to a channel dredger worth $6 million.

Formbird FLEET is able to take in information from assets in real-time and make this information available to those who need it. It builds and makes available a complete picture of every asset. Information is updated when a vehicle is serviced, when it is refuelled when the driver lodges a daily check sheet.

Improved management of vehicle warranty is saving operators that use Formbird FLEET thousands of dollars. Formbird FLEET provides different dashboards for everyone involved in FLEET management, giving them the information they need: information relevant to their role. 

Formbird FLEET’s record-keeping and information logging enable better compliance with safety legislation and responsibilities around duty of care by enabling chains of responsibility to be clearly established and followed.