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Monthly Archives: May 2023

Navigating Change: Harnessing Technology for Business Continuity Amid High Staff Turnover

Baby boomer employment retention

In this blog post, Formbird CEO Mark Hosking explores how changing times and demographic shifts, including the COVID-19 pandemic and Baby Boomer retirements, are causing high staff turnover in Australia’s regional councils. He discusses the role of technology, specifically fleet management information systems, in maintaining business continuity and service quality during these challenging times.

Bulk Fuel Transactions – V4 new features Service configuration – Formbird FLEET Professional Community Meet-Up #15

bulk-fuel-load - Formbird MEET UP

Welcome to the #15 edition of Formbird FLEET Professional Community – In this meet-up, Bulk Fuel Transactions in Formbird FLEET. Join the community signup form below. This feature results from […]