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Create a new Asset Category, Body Type or general asset Tag

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Asset Categories, Body Types, and general asset Tags can be customized to fit your organization’s needs. Asset Categories typically group assets by a specific attribute (e.g., mass), while Body Types […]

Long-term Fleet replacement reporting – 10 Year + Risk Based Formbird FLEET Professionals Community Meet Up

Fleet Management Long-term Fleet replacement reporting

Formbird FLEET is a modern fleet management information system that keeps your fleet safe, accountable, and on budget. Find out more here –https://www.formbird.com/fleet-management/ Every second month, Formbird gets together with […]

2023 The Future is Here: How AI, Low-Code, and Web Apps Will Transform Your Business

Female fleet manager works on web app

TLDR – Artificial Intelligence (AI) ChatGPT, Low-Code, Web Apps In this blog, I want to explore how in 2023, the marriage of AI, low-code and business Web Apps will forever […]

A Renewable Future for Australian Utes and Utilities

first electric ute trial

Transgrid, a network giant in Australia, has launched a trial of the first dual-cab electric ute in the country. The company received its first 2023 LDV eT60 electric ute and is currently conducting in-depth field testing to see if the vehicle meets operational requirements. The 130kW/310Nm electric motor and 88.5kWh battery pack of the electric ute is expected to provide operational savings for Transgrid, including around a 50% reduction in fuel costs. Moreover, the transition to electric vehicles could reduce Transgrid’s impact on the environment, a part of its commitment to reach net zero by 2040.

Improve Your Fleet’s Safety with Customisable Risk Monitoring and In-Vehicle Coaching

Safety GPS Telematics Formbird FLEET

Formbird Business Telematics with Geotab combines Formbirds proven Fleet information management solutions, Formbird FLEET and Geotab’s award-winning GPS solution. Formbird Business Telematics empowers fleet managers to improve driver safety and […]

Maximising Efficiency and Effectiveness: How managing pool cars can be simplified

Pool cars are a crucial aspect of many organisations. Managing keys for shared vehicles can be a significant administrative burden. The process can be simplified by implementing keyless entry and […]