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Formbird FLEET Business Telematics to the next level

Formbird Business Telematics

Some news from Mark Hosking, CEO, Formbird

Formbird has developed a well-earned reputation for delivering tools and resources to the fleet industry. Now, in collaboration with Geosecure – an authorised GEOTAB partner with a unique approach to fleet management, the company has been able to add impressive new functionality to their flagship management application FLEET.

“Through our relationship with Geosecure, we are leveraging GEOTAB’s leading data processing solution and Geosecure’s algorithms to generate insights that help our clients proactively manage their fleet, turn safety policy into digitised processes and help clients map out their electric vehicle transition strategy,” said Mark Hosking, CEO of Formbird.

“The Formbird FLEET platform gives the functionality needed to streamline safety reporting and next-step processes, making it much easier for clients to manage their WHS obligations,” said Hosking

The quality and breadth of GEOTAB’s data processing make it easy to understand why the company has been ranked by ABI Research as the number one commercial telematics vendor worldwide for two years. The rich insights from the GEOTAB solution support the flexibility of the Formbird Fleet platform allowing Formbird FLEET to display it in a way that makes it easy for managers to understand and interact with the largest set of electric vehicle makes and models on the market today. 

Whether it’s from the perspectives of operating existing internal combustion fleets or managing the impending electrification of fleets across Australia, Formbird FLEET and GEOTAB bring the latest connected fleet technology to the fleet community and advances well beyond vehicle location and into the realms of data analysis using the latest internet of things (IoT) technology,” said Hosking.