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Monthly Archives: November 2021

Formbird FLEET tackles mammoth Philippines fleet management challenge

Philippines fleet management challenge

Some news from Mark Hosking, CEO, Formbird Environmental challenges In addition, DPWH faces challenges from climate change, security and resource limitations. The Philippines is consistently one of the countries most impacted by natural disasters. In 2020 it was ranked seventh and has been ranked second only to Japan as the country at greatest risk from […]

Formbird FLEET automate vehicle data management with GEOTAB


Some news from Mark Hosking, CEO, Formbird GEOTAB is the market leader in vehicle tracking and management, based out of Canada, with an Australian presence. GEOTAB and Formbird have come together to bring some impressive new functionality to Formbird’s flagship fleet management application, FLEET. With the impending electrification of fleets across Australia, integrating with GEOTAB’s […]

Building apps really fast – what is low-code?


Question: What is low-code?Answer: It depends. There’s no single answer It depends on who’s talking about it, and it depends on the context. Earlier this year Gartner, fount of much wisdom on all things IT, Issued a prediction for growth in the “Low-Code Development Technologies Market”. It listed market size predictions for a whole grab […]