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The blog covers a wide range of subjects, including tips and tricks for getting the most out of Formbird FLEET, case studies highlighting successful use cases, and updates on new features and capabilities of the platform. Whether you’re a seasoned fleet manager or just starting. The Formbird FLEET blog is an excellent source of information and inspiration.

Streamlining Workshop Processes – reduce operational friction – Meet-Up #18

Streamlining Workshop Processes – reduce operational friction

Welcome to the 18th Formbird Professionals Community Meet-Up. In this meet-up, we discussed how to streamline workshop processes to reduce operational friction, work orders, request management, and the rollout of […]

Paperless Asset Inspection, Verification and Auditing Formbird FLEET Meet-Up #17

In this meet-up, we explore Formbird FLEET asset inspection functionality. This video is designed to walk you through how to efficiently inspect assets using our intuitive interface, whether that is […]

Handling Store Materials, Notifications, Booking system -FLEET Professionals Community meet-up #16

In this video, Adam from the Formbird FLEET Professionals Community demonstrates the comprehensive approach to managing and ordering restocking of store materials using the Formbird system. This process arose from […]

SaaS vs. Traditional Hosting: Embracing Efficiency, Flexibility, and Security

SaaS vs. Traditional Hosting: Embracing Efficiency, Flexibility, and Security

SaaS advantages, Software as a Service, cloud technology, future-proof business, data security, IT overhead, business flexibility, scalability, SaaS vs local hosting, global data sovereignty

Navigating Change: Harnessing Technology for Business Continuity Amid High Staff Turnover

Baby boomer employment retention

In this blog post, Formbird CEO Mark Hosking explores how changing times and demographic shifts, including the COVID-19 pandemic and Baby Boomer retirements, are causing high staff turnover in Australia’s regional councils. He discusses the role of technology, specifically fleet management information systems, in maintaining business continuity and service quality during these challenging times.