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Water Utilities Conference 2023: Exploring Innovation and Adapting to Challenges

The annual Water Utilities Conference, held from June 26 to 28, 2023, provided a platform for key industry players to deliberate on water and sewer management issues. Among the attendees […]

SaaS vs. Traditional Hosting: Embracing Efficiency, Flexibility, and Security

SaaS vs. Traditional Hosting: Embracing Efficiency, Flexibility, and Security

SaaS advantages, Software as a Service, cloud technology, future-proof business, data security, IT overhead, business flexibility, scalability, SaaS vs local hosting, global data sovereignty

Navigating Change: Harnessing Technology for Business Continuity Amid High Staff Turnover

Baby boomer employment retention

In this blog post, Formbird CEO Mark Hosking explores how changing times and demographic shifts, including the COVID-19 pandemic and Baby Boomer retirements, are causing high staff turnover in Australia’s regional councils. He discusses the role of technology, specifically fleet management information systems, in maintaining business continuity and service quality during these challenging times.

Predictive operations solutions – Software that sees the future

Predictive Software

Great software automates many mundane back-office processes and moves an organisation from focusing on data management to data-supported decision making and communication.

Enterprise-ready App in 6 weeks – A low-code victory

Enterprise-ready app in 6 weeks

Bundaberg Regional Council works and asset management app.

We talked to Sean Askew, the Network Planning Engineer (Water Services) at Bundaberg Regional Council. To discover just how fast he and Formbird got up and running with their new “works management app”.