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Create a service schedule for an asset (quick guide)

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To create a service schedule for an asset, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Ensure that the appropriate ‘Service Check’ questions are available, appearing in the ‘service checklist’ on the PM Service Work Order.
  2. Ensure that the appropriate ‘Service Materials’ are available, appearing in the materials list selectable by ‘filter for service items’ on the PM Service Work Order.
  3. Ensure that ‘Service Definitions’ are available for the service, which are used as ‘templates’ to generate services and are arranged for an asset by the ‘Service Configuration’ document. A Service Definition is needed to represent each type of service required for the asset, such as the Toyota Hilux MY22 15,000km service. These service templates contain information on the checks that should be completed and the materials used for a given service at a given point in the asset’s life.
  4. Create a ‘Service Configuration’ document for a specific asset, or a ‘master’ version of acting as a template for assets that follow the same schedule.
  5. If required, the ‘Asset Utilisation’ will use the service documents to predict the next service date, and a ‘Manual Entry’ asset utilisation document will be created.

To add a new service check question to the list, select the ‘New Service Check Question’ button, choose a ‘Question Category’, enter a ‘Check Question’, and save the changes.

To add a new service material, select the ‘New Materials’ button, select the quantity available, choose ‘Service Item’ from the dropdown list, select the ‘Location’ of the item, complete the Name/Category/Part Number/Unit Value fields, and save the changes.

To add a new service definition document, select the ‘New Service Definition’ button, follow the outlined steps, and save the changes. Any changes to the ‘Service Checks’, ‘Service Materials’, and ‘Related Questionnaires’ will flow through to any documents linked to the definition, including other Service Definition documents and Service Details documents that are ‘Active’.

To create a service configuration document, arrange Group/Ad Hoc Service Details documents and link them to the service configuration document. This document is used to set up the maintenance plan for the asset. There are two types of Service Configurations: the Logbook Service Configuration and the Service Configuration. If the asset does not have a service configuration, select the ‘New Logbook Service Configuration’ or ‘New Service Configuration’ button, follow the outlined steps, and save the changes. Check that the Service Details documents have been created and are correct.

The Service Configuration process can be re-run to update the maintenance plan at any stage. It’s important to remember that an update replaces the existing plan, not updates it. This means that previously created services may be recreated if set incorrectly. Use the ‘Base’ fields to set the updated configuration after any previously created services.