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Create a new Asset Category, Body Type or general asset Tag

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Asset Categories, Body Types, and general asset Tags can be customized to fit your organization’s needs. Asset Categories typically group assets by a specific attribute (e.g., mass), while Body Types group them by function or physical properties.

Note: Modifying an existing tag won’t automatically update assets previously assigned that tag.

To create a new Asset Category, Body Type, or general asset Tag:

  1. Go to the Tag List under the Configuration dropdown on the admin homepage.
  2. Click the New Tag button.
  3. Name the tag.
  4. Choose the ‘Type’ field where the tag should appear.
  5. Set the ‘Sort Position’ value to control the tag’s order in the dropdown, considering other tags in the same field.
  6. Select the template(s) the tag should be available on in the ‘Applies To Template’ field.
  7. Save the changes.

Note: You can select multiple options in both the Body Type and Asset Category fields.