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How can I add Repair Types / Maintenance Codes?

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Before creating new Maintenance Code Mappings, first ensure that the option you’re looking for isn’t already there by typing into the applicable field on the Work Order, or searching the table of Maintenance Code Mappings. 

To create a new Repair Type and/or maintenance codes (Work Completed, Repair Reason, Repair Cause): 

  1. Add a new Repair Type on the Repair Types & Questionnaires page. 
  2. Create a Maintenance Code Mapping, including creating any new Work Completed, Repair Reason, Repair Cause options if required. 
  3. Open the applicable Asset Group Mapping document(s) for the assets for which the Repair Type should be available. 
  4. Type in the Repair Types field to add the additional Repair Type if it isn’t already selected.