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FLEET Professionals Meetup #9 – Risk assessment – import fuel – going live growing pains

Join the Formbird FLEET Professionals Community, and have your say. We do this every month, and it will keep you up to date with the latest developments and let you become part of the future of fleet management. https://www.formbird.com/category/fle…

If you have any suggestions, make sure you send them to fleet@formbird.com

0:00 – Paul’s Introduction to today’s meetup

01:56 – Mark’s overview of the IPWEA Fleet conference 2022

03:04 – Mark’s overview of what he presented at the IPWEA Fleet conference 2022

03:57 – EVs are the most popular conversation topic at the IPWEA Fleet conference 2022

06:04 – Ian’s take on IPWEA – Who we met

7:27 – Paul’s story from Ukraine

08:48 – Housekeeping how to get involved in the meetup

09:51 – Adam Introduces the topic he is going to cover

10:45 – Risk Assessment some changes, ready to configure, standard control measures

15:34 – Dion asks if there is room for actions to be recorded?

17:05 – Adam – adding a risk assessment to an existing work order.

18:24 – Mark asks the group to have a play with the risk assessment tool to bring questions to the next meetup.

19:50 – Adam – Fuel cost import – a new feature not in this release and explains how

24:59 – Adam – how to manually update the meter reading

27:49 – Adam – change to how primary meter reading is calculated

31:03 – Paul A. talks about how GEOTAB will be integrated into meter reading 31: 48 – Adam – Help Centre Introduction – Adding a new asset

32:38 – Adam Example document BRC shared Instruction manual

33:28 – Marie asks if there’s a way to combine – worksheet – and work order and other growing pains

34:33 – Mark explains why it’s best not to get rid of the work order because this would lose a lot of information. And he gives a background to why this had been developed over the years.

40:01 – Paul asks Marie about other experiences after running Formbird FLEET for one week. Slow network speed and adapt to the change.

43:05 – Mark how to trigger scheduled maintenance

44:32 – Ngaire explains that service configuration needs a flexible maintenance schedule with a new matrix to comply with manufacturers’ specifications.

49:51 – Michelle’s in-absentia input about subject-specific meetings to discuss next developments. Mark’s suggestion – is the 10-year replacement plan.

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