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CWW Driving Performance Through Partnership

City West Water (CWW) is leveraging the key capabilities of the Formbird platform. Not only was the initial implementation of Formbird completed in a record breaking 9 months as discussed here City West Water Implements Enterprise Works Management. CWW have continued delivering results with the Agile capabilities of Formbird.

Adopting a continuous improvement program, increasing the reach and capability of their FOCUS3 Formbird Solution. To date some 9 “upgrades” in 18 months, each agile sprint addresses a range of defined business requirements, with defined benefits and return on investment. Growing with evolving business needs and addressing specific requirements, a partnership that is truly diving performance improvements. Whether it’s call taking, dispatching, field work, customer engagement or improved asset knowledge, working together is delivering and driving performance improvements across the business.

Digital Transformation is not a single state, it is an ongoing process of improvement, CWW are embracing and benefiting at all levels from Digital Transformation through Formbird.

With CWW’s commitment, engagement and capability, these benefits will flow through to customers, staff and contractors with improved service, reduced costs and improvement to long term asset quality.

Formbird values and is privileged to have a strong working partnership with CWW and look forward to reporting on the many exciting technology and business improvements planned and underway.