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Formbird and machine learning help transformation of industry efficiency

Leveraging the rapid application development and IoT (Internet of Things) capabilities of the Formbird platform, partners DC Electrical and Corematic implement an end to end solution that provides very accurate productivity for the Macadamia Nut industry, down to the tree level. The key to managing a the industries future yield.

Leveraging machine learning to teach the software to what a Macadamia nut looks like, the solution counts the nuts at up to 400 nuts per second as they move to the hopper. A PC mounted on the harvester, runs the software to visually count the nuts as they pass through the harvester. The data is then pushed directly into Formbird server running on the PC that is mounted on the tractor. As the harvester comes into communications range the data is then pushed to the hosted Formbird Servers.

DC Electrical identified the opportunity as well as designed and installed the mounting of the PC and Camera. While Corematic had a single software developer on the project, delivering a complex end to end solution within a very short 4 month time frame, from inception to the collection of the first data.

As described in the following video by Scott Alcott of Macadamia Farm Management Bundaberg, an exciting opportunity the Macadamia industry to maximise valuable resources such as water and fertilizer. Both increasing income and reducing costs at the same time.

An exciting development for not only the Macadamia industry, other industries looking to leverage the power of IoT data will also be able to leverage the power of Formbird to enable new business processes and data analysis using IoT and AI. Formbird makes it possible.