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A Renewable Future for Australian Utes and Utilities

first electric ute trial

You bute diesel ute gets the boot

Transgrid, one of Australia’s largest electricity network companies, is leading the charge towards a renewable energy future with the launch of the first dual-cab electric ute trial in the country. The company’s fleet manager, Ryan Thomas, said the trial would test the LDV eT60 double-cab ute to determine whether it meets operational requirements on its 13,000km transmission network.

“We’ll be gauging the impacts for our people working in the field, including charging and towing requirements, so we can better understand the issues that will make the transition to electric utes as seamless as possible,” he said.

According to Mr Thomas, the LDV eT60 electric ute has a 130kW/310Nm electric motor and an 88.5kWh battery pack. The company expects the electric utes to deliver operational savings, including around a 50% reduction in fuel costs.

Transgrid’s CEO, Brett Redman, said the company is committed to reaching net zero by 2040 and eliminating all emissions from its passenger and commercial fleet by 2030. “Our future will be powered by clean energy, and this trial is part of Transgrid’s commitment to a greener fleet and reducing our environmental impact,” he said.

The company’s fleet of 400 commercial diesel vehicles and 28 passenger vehicles collectively travel more than 14 million kilometres each year. More than half of the passenger fleet is already fully electric or hybrid.

Minister for Climate Change and Energy was present at the launch of the electric ute trial and commended Transgrid’s move towards electric vehicles. “We know that electric vehicles are cleaner and cheaper to run, and it’s good to see Transgrid making this smart investment to get the first commercially available electric utes on the road for their business,” he said.

Australian utilities embrace innovation to drive the transition towards a more sustainable and greener energy future.

The electric ute trial will also help Transgrid embrace innovation and find alternatives that support emerging technology, according to Mr Redman. “Just like we use aerial drone technology to inspect towers, reducing the need of our people to use heavy elevated work platforms, shifting to electric vehicles will benefit the community, our customers, and the environment,” he said.

The trial will help Transgrid address the transition to electric vehicles. The company’s move towards cleaner energy vehicles shows its commitment to a sustainable future for all Australians.

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