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Fleet Professionals Community Meet Up #10 Case Study – User Induction – Service scheduling adjustment

Fleet 10

From across Australia the FLEET community comes together to share updates and user stories with the sole aim of making FLEET better and keeping everyone on the same page with our continuous improvement program. We also get a chance to highlight issues and chart the course for the future of FLEET. If you’re interested why not join our next sessions, here, https://www.formbird.com/category/fle…

Here are the time stamps so you can jump to the bits that interest you most.

0:00 – Introduction

2:05 – Mark Platform update, Official Clarity Launch for Greater Western Water – Offline

4:45 – Mark Introduces Chris Giles of Greater Shepparton City Council

6:10 – Question to Chris – How is the transition to Formbird FLEET going?

6:32 – Question to Chris – What are the features you a leveraging?

7:35 – Question to Chris – Has anything not gone to plan?

8:50 – Question to Chris – Was there a lightbulb moment?

9:56 – Question to Chris – How is the adoption with the mechanics going with FLEET?

10:39 – Question to Chris – Are you providing them with tablets?

10:51 – Question to Chris – What stage are you currently at?

11:55 – Question to Chris – Where do you see the big value add with Formbird FLEET? (it’s all in one screen) – Question to Chris

14:15 – Marie from Brimbank City Council – issues she’s had with implementation – Possible answer to speed questions…

16:49 – Question to Chris – Brad from Tenterfield Shire Council Asks – Have started daily plant checks for the outdoor staff? Adoption

17:40 – Question to Chris – Have you had any resistance from a change management perspective?

18:13 – Brad we have had some resistance to using Formbird FLEET from older staff

19:20 – Brad we are seeing results of moving from paper-based…

20:13 – Mark and the conflict of making forms too complex that users don’t use them or too simple and you’re not collecting the right data

23:38 – Mark managing change with people that don’t want to

24:17 – Lachie Greater Western Water identifies power users during onboarding, getting users to contribute to how the app should work.

26:13 – Adam Fixes and Features – Report Export Tools

30:03 – Change to the naming convention (Periodic / Sequential service )

31:23 – Lauren asks can reports be scheduled to run automatically

32:09 – Service scheduling adjustment – avoid “service creep” to stay within the manufacturer’s warranty.

42:33 – Adam improvements to assets page and vehicle status – move financial details to separate view

46:32 – David asks questions about FBT and whole of life calculations discussion statutory rate, business use

51:17 – Embed video into asset images, great for how to reset service reminders.

53:56 – Marie asks – Fuel Tax Credit claims – Marie asks how do other people do this?

56:19 – Request for training videos David T.

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