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Formbird FLEET updates and fixes 22 June 2022

formbird fleet updates and fixes

As part of our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement, we share the latest fixes and improvements applied to the Formbird FLEET.

Because FLEET is a web app, when we apply an update, it will be reflected in all of our customer’s applications. 


  • Fixed an issue where the Technician Dash would timeout. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Toll Import would timeout + added checking for duplicates. 
  • Fixed usability for some tablets adding space at the bottom to improve scrolling.
  • Fixed the “Asset Services Remaining Report” to display the number of service configurations the asset has and changed the asset link to navigate directly to the asset maintenance view. 

Export Improvements

  • When the user wants to repeat an Asset Export, they can now save their preferences of field selection. 
  • All exports can now be found in the “Exports List” in the Reports section. 

Report Listing Improvement 

  • The list of reports can now be viewed as a grid by selecting the ‘Grid View’ checkbox. 

Asset Documents Improvements 

  • Videos can now be embedded – see the Help Centre for instructions. 
  • These documents can be easily accessed from Work Orders related to the asset. 

Help Centre 

  • Various help pop-ups and Help Centre Articles. (too many to list)