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Formbird Ubuntu 18.04 / MongoDB Download

Ubuntu 18.04 Server, Formbird, MongoDB Based Primary DB

The following is one of the easiest ways to get started with formbird. Simply download a fully installed and configured Formbird server. The server has been installed onto a VirtualBox Server.

Step 1 - Installation of VirtualBox

Navigate to the VirtualBox Downolads home page located here

VirtualBox is available for Windows, OSX, Linux and Solaris.

VirtualBox Downloads Here

Step 2- Download and unzip the Formbird server

Click on the following link to commence download. Please be aware that this a complete envionment and is 1.6GB compressed in size. It has been 7zip and will require to be unzipped after download.

Formbird Server Download

Download Your Free Formbird Server Here

7zip is available from here

7zip Downloads Here

Once downloaded unzip formbird.7z file with 7zip.

Step 3 - Open and Start the Formbird Server with VirtualBox

Navigate to the formbird.vbox file and open it in VirtualBox, your installation of VirtualBox should have associated this file type with VirtualBox.

On starting the server under VirtualBox, you can login as user ubuntu. This envionment contains no security and shouldn't be exposed publicly. The Virtual Machine has ports 9200 and 27017 open to provide access to MongoDB and Elasticsearch. The Ubuntu user is configured with sudo rights.

It is an ideal environment to get started with Formbird, and operate on your home or office network.

The ubuntu users default password is formbird123

Login to the server and find the servers IP address. You may need to configure the network settings on VirtualBox.

Confirm that you have network / internet access by trying


Determine the IP address of the server


If you don't have internet access you will need to enter VirtualBox settings for this virtual machine and configure the network settings appropriately, to provide access you will need to configure the network as a "Bridged" network.

Take the ip address and put it into your web browser Assuming server ip address is

Formbird Web Interface : (ensure you navigate to HTTPS not HTTP)

Default Username:

Password: Formbird123!

Elasticsearch Head:

MongoDB Accèss: port 27017

A useful tool for accessing mongo is robomongo from 3T Robomongo

Issues getting it working

Diagnosing Formbird