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Installation Introduction

Architecture and Dependencies


Formbird can be installed on Windows, OSX and Linux based servers that support the following software dependancies;

  • NodeJS (v8.x) NodeJS is the base technology that the Formbird platform operates on.
  • MongoDB (v4.x) or Couchbase (v4.x+) Formbird requires a database of record either MongoDB or Couchbase.
  • ElasticSearch (2.4.4) Formbird utilises ElasticSearch as it's base document indexing engine. All application data is indexed using ElasticSearch. Leveraging the ElasticSearch indexing templates can be used to refine and extend searching within your Formbird Application. (work is underway to support V7)
  • Redis (v3.x) Formbird utilises redis for caching of key data for performance..

MongoDB Installations

Formbird will insert documents directly into ElasticSearch, although to increase the capability of data synchronisation between MongDB and ElasticSearch we recommend Mongo-Connector.

Get Started FAST....

The fastest and easiest way to setup a Formbird server is to download our fully configured VirtualBox server that can be found here - Formbird Download