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Ruleset Functions

Updated pdexter 2022-10-24

Formbird Application Functions are those functions made available to rulesets from the Formbird application, and are used to interact with the Formbird document and data.

These functions are provided through the object ntf which is passed to all rulesets. They are provided in its property object scope. By convention, we assign ft3 to this object, so as to make later coding briefer.

By convention, we assign ft3 to ntf.scope early in a block of script,

var ft3 = ntf.scope;

ft3.enableField('customerName', false);

so we might use its member functions with the shorthand "ft3.function-name", rather than typing "ntf.scope.function-name". It would be quite valid to do away with ft3 and just use ntf.scope everywhere in your script; in this documentation though, we will be using ft3 by convention, so at least be aware of where it comes from.

ft3 can be considered the general portable toolbox that contains these functions (and others) we use in rules.

Explanations of each function/object available to rulesets has been moved to individual articles under the 060 Ruleset Functions folder