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Embedding videos in Asset Library Documents

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Formbird FLEET can embed videos in Asset Library Documents. These can be generic documents in the library or only specific to an asset, or both. They will appear on related Work Orders under the Asset Documents view when linked to an asset. 

To embed a video on a library document:

  1. Navigate to either the Asset Images/Docs view of an asset or the Asset Document Library (found in Reports). 
  2. Click on the New Document button. 
  3. Give the document a name. 
  4. Select a type of URL. 
  5. Check the Add To Library to add the document to the Asset Document Library. 
  6. In the Link Assets table, click the rows (not the purple link text) to select the asset(s) the document relates to.
  1. Paste the iframe link from the video host website into the url field. 
  2. Check the Embed Link checkbox. 
  3. Add any Notes and other uploads as applicable. 
  4. Click the Save Tick.

To view this document from a Work Order:

  1. Navigate to a Work Order related to the asset. 
  2. Click on the Asset Documents button in the View Options panel. 
  3. Click on the applicable row in the table to view the document
    • Click on the purple text that navigates the document itself. 
    • Click anywhere else on the row to open the child document view (opens below the table).