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Calendar Scheduling Requests, Operator Menu and Enhanced Communication – Formbird FLEET Meet-Up #19

Join us in the 19th Formbird FLEET Meet-Up, where we explore the latest features that enhance fleet management. This session, led by experts Adam and Paul, showcases innovative updates, including a new calendar functionality for efficient scheduling, a detailed look into operator-workshop messaging for improved communication, and the latest asset list customisation. Interested in being part of an innovative fleet management community? Join us at Formbird FLEET Professionals! Visit our community page https://www.formbird.com/category/fle… to learn more and become a member of a forward-thinking group dedicated to shaping the future of fleet management.

This meet-up is a must-watch for fleet professionals and enthusiasts interested in the latest fleet management technology and its practical applications. Like, share, and subscribe for more insights. Your feedback is valuable – leave your comments or contact us with any questions or suggestions!

[00:00] Introduction to Formbird FLEET Meet-Up #19
[00:14] Overview of Today’s Topics and Features
[01:04] Showcasing New Calendar Functionality for Scheduling
[02:08] Creating Requests from Asset Functionality
[03:08] Introducing Calendar-like Functionality for Workshop Management
[03:43] Demonstration of Scheduling Requests in Calendar View
[06:05] Adjusting and Managing Requests Within the Calendar
[08:16] Q&A: Expanding Calendar Functionality to Technician Level
[10:02] Discussing Technician Dashboard and Scheduling Work Orders
[12:38] Messaging Between Operators and Workshop Discussion
[15:12] Enhancements in Asset List and Customisation Options
[17:23] Discussion on Customising Asset List Columns
[24:26] Operator Menu New Functionality and Mobile Integration
[28:08] New Daily Driver / Prestart Report for Operators
[29:19] Discussion on Operator to Workshop Messaging
[33:44] Open Discussion on Messaging System Between Operators and Workshop
[35:16] Exploring Use Cases for Operator-Workshop Messaging
[38:00] Additional Ideas for Enhancing Communication and Notifications
[40:40] Potential for Messaging System to Include Service Scheduling
[45:37] Notifications for Services Due and Scheduling
[48:15] Discussion on Financial Section and Inclusion of Stamp Duty
[49:02] Breakdown of Purchase Price and Calculating FBT
[51:41] Request for Additional Breakdown Fields in Financial Section
[52:18] Wrap-Up and Announcement of Next Meet-Up Date