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Streamlining Workshop Processes – reduce operational friction – Meet-Up #18

Welcome to the 18th Formbird Professionals Community Meet-Up. In this meet-up, we discussed how to streamline workshop processes to reduce operational friction, work orders, request management, and the rollout of version 4 of Formbird FLEET. Register now so you can be part of the next meet-up: https://www.formbird.com/category/fleet-professionals-community/

Opening Remarks: The discussion focuses on the challenges related to expected start and finish times for work orders and requests.

Field Worker Access: The conversation delves into field workers’ limitations when accessing certain data, such as expected start and finish times.

Creating Service Requests: A discussion arises about the inability of field workers to create service requests directly from the daily driver checklist and the resulting need to cancel and recreate requests.

Improving Request Management: Ideas such as having separate fields for requested and confirmed dates and introducing a “confirmed” flag to streamline the process are explored.

Update of Fleet Application FL4: Details about the rollout of the new version of the Fleet application, starting with a test site and individual customer implementation.

Feedback and Adjustments: The discussion concludes with valuable feedback on work order adjustments and the need to move work orders between requests.

Stay tuned as we dive deeper to uncover valuable insights and solutions in the world of work order management and application development.

0:00 – Mark Introduction
2:20 – Adam – what’s today’s meet-up about – Your Current Paint Points in Your Workshop
3:27 – Raymond – discusses issues with inventory, drop off pick-up issues that you can’t alter
5:18 – Mark asks Raymond about issues he’s having with inventory management.
5:50 – Adam updates about work down to inventory
6:34 – Geoff’s focus point is using Formbird FLEET to record downtime,
7:15 – Issues with the fleet management side of things, accurately looking at downtime (procurement). 7:54 – David – fuel usage across the fleet (compare manufacturers with actual)
9:18 – Adam – fuel consumption report (walk-through)
15:07 – Scheduled vs unscheduled maintenance report (IPWEA KPI)
15:37 – Turnabout time for repairs report (IPWEA KPI)
16:22 – Downtime report (IPWEA KPI)
17:06 – Asset usage (setting office hours) Utilisation reporting. Bulk editing.
19:34 – Assets services due (is there a pain point around booking in services)
20:00 – Booking Services calendar – How to initiate a service: can a user book a service? (discussion) 29:30 – Request calendar demonstration, further services calendar discussion.
36:16 – Version 4 rollout
40:12 – GPS integration show and tell. Geotab device vehicle tracking.
42:26 – Dion, Privacy concerns around sharing locations. How can we restrict the view?
47:50 – Wrap up – End of meet-up discussion – and Goodbyes PS
49:02 – Last thoughts. Move work order between requests. Can I save and then change the service request? (let’s look at this in the next meet-up)