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Handling Store Materials, Notifications, Booking system -FLEET Professionals Community meet-up #16

In this video, Adam from the Formbird FLEET Professionals Community demonstrates the comprehensive approach to managing and ordering restocking of store materials using the Formbird system. This process arose from engagement with Forbes Shire Council, focusing on streamlining the reordering process. Adam outlines the entire procedure, from creating materials in the store to reordering them and then utilizing them on work orders, offering insights from multiple points of view, including a manager, a store manager, an administrator, and a mechanic. The platform’s main features allow users to create new materials, manage existing materials, reorder parts, and report on material usage. The materials can be linked to specific assets or work orders, located by tags, and related to particular suppliers. It also allows setting up a unit charge rate, which defines the cost when used on work orders, and a reordering threshold for automated reordering. Users can also view the history of material orders and their usage. An additional feature allows the creation of a new material invoice line item, which ties into some upcoming changes. The video ends by addressing additional features like filters that streamline viewing materials, highlighting functionalities such as viewing materials that need reordering, inert materials, materials without a unit charge rate, and materials with orders.

0:00 – Introduction
2:06 – Mark – Themes at the Parkes NSW Local Government Water Managers conference.
5:07 – Adam Restocking of Store Materials (Parts Management) The Overview
6:15 – One-stop shop for parts management
6:40 – Add a new material
5:54 – Search for parts & edit details
8:20 – See existing material orders
8:42 – New Material Invoice Line Item
9:08 – Material Selection options and filters
12:45 – Parts management work order
14:57 – Create a new order
18:28 – Orders created in the last 7 days
20:00 – Changing order status
21:20 – Work orders (changes in the new version)
22:21 – Reorder material
23:32 – Reporting
25:39 – Question – David Booking parts in and out (scanning barcode)
27:10 – Mark on scanning (issues with a barcode reader)
31:42 – Question – How do you manage superseded parts?
33:20 – Question – adding notes for superseded parts.
34:27 – Question – Handling bulk materials – how to deal with unit costs
40:30 – Question – Attaching materials to a work order
42:49 – Question – Can you look at supplies after the order?
44:36 – Paul Notifications/emails
52:01 – Mark question – getting involved with the new booking system
53:17 – Paul introduces the booking component
57:19 – Marie Ownership errors in the carpool
1:00 – wrap up