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Formbird Water Professionals Community

Water Professionals CommunityEvery second month the Formbird team brings together the Water Professionals and developers to talk about the latest advancements in our Water industry, Specific works, and Asset Management App.

The next opportunity is

Formbird WATER Professionals – Meet Up #3 – Start 11am (Vic/NSW/QLD)

Don’t miss our first meet up to discuss all things Formbird and Water.


CLARITY Water Professionals Meet Up #2 Up 24 Feb – GPS + underground water assets -Asbestos clearance certificates

Index 00:00 – Introduction 0:45 – Welcome + overview of today 2:12 – Angular Update 2:46 – Angular update – demonstration and discussion (what the users will see) 8:23 – Grant R. Proof of concept vehicle GPS combined with underground water assets 10:05 – Locating service vehicles to give customers ETA 10:50 – Lachlan GWW […]