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‘Web Components’ feature Hot Shutoff Blocks, KPI Reports, PDF Certificates Community – CLARITY Water Professionals Meet Up #5

What are web components, and what do they mean to you? Find out more here, https://www.formbird.com/. How does formbird leverage the vast libraries of available web components to present great-looking forms and interactive elements? Find out more as we explore Hot Shutoff Blocks, KPI Reports, PDF Certificates

0:00 – Paul Introduction – overview of what’s happening
3:11 – News Mark Clarity version 4 Greater Western Water Angular upgrade
4:33 – Mark Components overview What are web components?
15:56 – Question about open layers Customer Requested Components
20:04 – Josh PDF certificate web component demonstration (Asbestos Clearance Certificate)
26:23 – Grant web component demonstration (KPI reports)
30:00 – Grant web component demonstration (Hot shut off blocks) – Documenting valve marking
36:25 – Grant web components in the pipeline (card table or Kanban board)
37:25 – Mark and Grant web component wrap up

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