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Operations communication and water utility information systems confined space safety – CLARITY Water Professionals Meet Up #4

Every quarter the Formbird water professionals community gets together to stay up to date and share information about Formbird’s Water Utility information management system – Clarity. Join the community now – https://www.formbird.com/category/for…

In this meet up we discuss how modern information systems are not just about storing data.

The rise of social media as a preferred communications platform, can’t be ignored.

Operations Communications and Information Systems it’s time to move beyond the analysis of the past into a collaboration space. Grant from formbird shares a case study from Greater Western Waters’s self-service function that keeps people safe when entering a confined space. This will greatly boost productivity as there is a heavy resource load on the call centre to manage confined space entry.


0:00 – Introduction (overview)
1:08 – Mark’s platform news ( deploying our customers onto version 4 )
2:32 – Mark – Information systems transformation, the move from data collection to communication. Watch the video about Bundaburgs digital transformation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2U3c…

13:10 – Grant confined space entry case study – Self-serve check-in and checkout.
25:23 – Lachie – The current process and benefits of the new approach.
27:27 – Nina Question – Can the field crew extend their time?
29:40 – Grant adding functionality to extend expected time in confined space
30:21 – Grant opportunity to provide a specialised view at the right time at the right place
31:04 – Wrap up
32:07 – END

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