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Victorian LGA – Brimbank will be the next site to go live with Formbird FLEET

Brimbank City Council

Situated to the West of Melbourne, Brimbank City council takes in some of the fastest-growing suburbs in Australia; they will be switching to Formbird FLEET very soon.

They have chosen the most auspicious date of April the 1st to go live with the latest release or our Formbird’s fleet information management solution. But these guys are no fools. As part of their implementation, the team made an important feature request.

They wanted to upload a spreadsheet with all the tyre replacement costs for all the vehicles without associating each purchase with a work order. This was because an external contractor was carrying out the work. The price of the service still needed to be assigned to the vehicle.

All in the name of tracking the total cost of ownership for the more than significant assets in their fleet.

The feature has many other uses beyond tyres, and other councils such as Bega Valley Shire Council also made a contribution.

We look forward to hearing how things go at the next fleet professionals meet up, which is on the less auspicious date of April the 7th at 11 AM.

If you are not registered to attend and get an invite make sure you do, https://www.formbird.com/category/fleet-professionals-community/