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Unlocking the Power of Web Components: How Formbird is Revolutionising Low-Code Development


Web components are a game-changer for low-code platforms like Formbird. These reusable UI elements, which bundle together functions, presentation, and data interaction, are the building blocks of modern web applications.

The rise of Web Components can be traced back to the evolution of JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, React, and Vue. Tech giants like Google and Facebook developed these frameworks to improve their applications’ performance, capability, and functionality. However, each framework had its own standards, making it difficult for developers to work across different platforms.

Enter the Web Components standard, a universal approach to building reusable UI elements that can be plugged into any application. This standard, developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), defines how components interact with the browser and how they relate to other parts of the application.

Formbird’s low-code platform is a prime example of the benefits of web components. The platform is a container for standard technologies, and web components are key to its architecture. With web components, Formbird users can experience improved performance, capability, and functionality while also being able to efficiently utilise and find their own web components on commercial libraries.

“With the rise of Web Components, low-code platforms like Formbird can empower developers to create more advanced and sophisticated applications with ease.”

The latest release of Formbird has moved the platform even further, allowing users to reference web components that are externally hosted and plug them into applications as needed. This means that developers can use pre-built web components to speed up the development process and focus on creating unique and customised solutions.

Web components are a time-saver and a powerful tool for creating engaging and interactive user experiences. They allow for better separation of concerns and make it easier for developers to work together on a project. With the rise of web components, low-code platforms like Formbird can empower developers to prototype and build sophisticated applications in record time.

Web components are a fundamental building block for modern web applications and are essential to the success of low-code platforms like Formbird. The ability to easily reference and utilise pre-built web components enables developers to focus on creating unique and customised solutions while also improving performance, capability, and functionality. The future of web development is being built on web components, and Formbird is at the forefront of this revolution.

Experience for yourself the power of Web Components with a demonstration of Formbird CLARITY – Water Utility Works and Asset Management and Formbird FLEET – Fleet Management Information System (FMIS)