Try, Play and Discover

Learn how easy and powerful it is to create a basic application. The demo environment is there for you to play, learn and discover. Then move onto either a hosted server or download and install your very own free copy of Formbird.

There are 3 ways to try Formbird

1. Login and play with our demo user.

CRM Starter and Support App, as a regular user using our “demo” login.
User Name:
Password:       formbird123

2. Create your own user account and start building today.

Start enjoying the freedom, ease and speed of making your own Formbird forms and app.
select “Create An Account” and then go to Lesson 1 below.

3. Install a dev server or purchase a Formbird Nest

To learn more Formbird docs, blog and store for great tips, tricks, free starters and examples.

Lesson 1 – First steps to becoming a Formbirder

After registering an account in – develop your very own Formbird mobile form in the following easy steps. Then enter some data and search for it.

Step 1 – Press “Start Building Now”

Step 2 – Copy the following text into your clipboard

"name": "Contact",
"summaryNameRule":"{{{nameParty.firstName}}} {{{nameParty.surname}}} | {{{mobilePhone}}}",
"label":"Title / Role",
"label":" ",
"label":"Attachments / Photos"

"label":"Notes / Comments"

Step 3 – Paste the selection into the “Template Editor” Here

Step 4 – Press Save (the tick in the top left of the page).

Step 5 – Well done on creation your first Formbird form! Enter a name and address, press save. Email the URL address to yourself to review how it looks on your phone or tablet.

Step 6 – Search for the name you created for in the search bar

Step 7 – To edit or change the form you need to re-open the “Template” with the template editor. This is done by;

a) Pressing new on the contact form (the “+” button) if you have data displayed. So that you are looking at your Contact for with blank data ready for data entry.

b) Appending the following to the url of that form /74746c80-8378-11e6-99b1-71ee944cf59f this will open your new Contact Form with the “Template Editor”. Edit the template with any changes, hit save and repeat. Refer to our DOCS to play more.

(It should look something like this – although the first number will be the ID of your own Formbird Template eg.

Step 8 – To make it really easy to get back to the template editor. If you add a bookmark to your browser with the following URL. It will open a tab and append the Template Editor to it. One click and you’re a Formbird Developer.

javascript:(function()%7Bf=window.location.href+'/74746c80-8378-11e6-99b1-71ee944cf59f'; if(! location.href=f; %7D )()