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Formbird Water Force

The first step to a well managed water business

Enterprise ready works and asset management app, built on the Formbird platform backed by MongoDB document database. 


You need your works and asset management everywhere all the time even when there's no internet.

Your business is unique, Water Force is a proven solution that you can easily customise.

All business have legacy systems, Water Force is ready to start small and adapt as needed

Formbird - Water Force more than an off the shelf app

Keeping your water business flowing, safely and compliant is your business. You need to know when asset and plant maintence is due, what parts you will need, who has the qualifications to perform the task and will they be available.

You need a water focused management app that is ready to start work on day one. Your app should have the flexibility to adapt and grow with your needs.

Water Force, built on Formbird's low code development platform things happen fast. Waiting for changes and adding new features to your business applications will be a distant memory. 

With minimal training our customers frequently make changes to their own apps as needed. 

Make contact with us now so that we can show you how organisations have become more productive with their limited resource using Formbird Water Force.

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Forbes Shire Council

Anthony Davies
Forbes Shire Council Fleet Manager

"We started with spreadsheets, a whiteboard and a diary, and are now well on our way to a paperless workshop.Formbird Fleet has helped us run the workshop"

Formbird Water Force is an Enterprise Works and Asset Management Application. Supporting the following key business process

  • Call Taking, dispatch, field management
  • Planned and Unplanned Works
  • Above and below ground assets
  • Works costing and time recording
  • Customer and network impact
  • Water off – planned and unplanned
  • Confined space management
  • Over 150 forms, and 120 business rules, 30 reports
  • Integrations – GIS/Asset Data, Customer, Finance