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Rapid and Efficient Custom Software Development for a Multinational Organisation by Formbird

Formbird, known for its rapid and customised software solutions, recently partnered with a multinational organisation to develop and implement a state-of-the-art, tailored system to manage a unique operation. 

Due to the discreet nature of the project, we cannot share specifics, so instead, we will focus on the remarkable achievement of going live with a custom piece of software in under four weeks. 

Overview of the solution

The Formbird solution interacts with Opturion’s constraint-based optimisation engine to maximise the efficiency of scheduling and rostering of a mobile workforce. Additionally, the solution gives field operators a single interface available on a phone or laptop to assist them in performing and documenting their duties in strict compliance with their legal obligations. 

The Challenge:

The Formbird gets the call; the team had to step up and fill a gap left by the customer’s in-house development team. Without Formbird, the customer would be “manhandling” reams of data using Excel spreadsheets.

Formbird’s multinational customers required a versatile and efficient system to support their field operators. The solution had to achieve high standards of documentation as well as real-time monitoring and compliance functionality. The biggest challenge was the project’s tight deadline, making it essential for the software development process to be swift and highly accurate to meet the customer’s demands and on time to support the rollout of a significant piece of infrastructure. 

Praise for Formbird Consultant Adam Gristwood

A vital player in this success story was Formbird Consultant Adam Gristwood. Adam proved to be an invaluable asset throughout the project’s life cycle. His proactive approach, dedication to delivering quality, and capacity to quickly respond to any required changes earned him high praise from the client. His work extended beyond regular hours, often over weekends, reflecting his commitment to the project and client satisfaction.

What the Customer Says

“The flexibility to alter, the ability to add functionalities, and the overall swift response to our needs were impressive. We had a few tough situations, but Adam always jumped in and was very proactive in helping. He’s been very kind. Formbird is working well for us.” – Representative from the multinational organisation.

Workforce Management and Beyond

While the software was initially designed to address specific needs, Formbird’s solution also offered the client newfound capabilities in workforce management. Despite being primarily a database tool, it provided flexibility for the client’s operators, contributing to the ease and efficiency of operations.

The successful delivery of this project underlines Formbird’s capability to develop flexible, efficient, and user-friendly software solutions, even within a limited timeframe. This project’s success, punctuated by a delighted customer and the commendable performance of Consultant Adam Gristwood, serves as a testament to Formbird’s commitment to delivering solutions that meet and exceed client expectations.