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Paperless Asset Inspection, Verification and Auditing Formbird FLEET Meet-Up #17

In this meet-up, we explore Formbird FLEET asset inspection functionality. This video is designed to walk you through how to efficiently inspect assets using our intuitive interface, whether that is on your mobile device or computer.

This presentation covers a spectrum of features, such as initialising a blank template, populating the form by selecting specific assets and viewing the auto-filled, crucial information related to that asset. We’ll delve into the concept of QR code scanning to facilitate easy input of asset information by just fixing the QR code to the asset and scanning it with your mobile device.

Through the detailed demonstration, you’ll grasp how to navigate through various fields and how to optimize the use of dropdown menus to select assets swiftly. The importance of parent assets and the relationship between primary assets and Asset Components, such as a generator that might be connected to the primary asset.

You will learn how to navigate through the system with ease, perform inspections with the minimum steps possible, and adjust the status of your inspections as you progress. This video will also guide you on annotating your inspections with notes, comments, and images and even conducting quick verifications on the assets, allowing you to save progress at any point in your inspection.

Whether you want to denote the presence of an asset, verify its status, or even attach images and files directly from your device’s camera or file system.

– Intro
3:13 – Adam – introduction to what we’re talking about today: Asset Verification
5:05 – Shares screen Admin View
6:02 – Start Asset Verification/Inspection Process
6:43 – Search for an asset to inspect
7:26 – Parent Assets
8:54 – Asset Component
10:07 – Adding notes – notes timeline
10:39 – Adding an image or files 11:46 – Change the status of verification
12:02 – Schedule the next inspection
13:34 – Auto generate next verification inspection
13:40 – Question – Is Formbrid FLEET available on Android and iOS?
15:59 – Mark Explains how Formbird is a WebApp (Adam demonstrates)
19:38 – Paul Question – How does the admin get notified of the need for an inspection
20:08 – Asset verification report
20:40 – Notification subscription
22:10 – More about notifications – email notifications and browser alerts
23:07 – List of reports, including Asset Verification
23:42 – Create new Asset Verification reports
23:49 – Link to help and documentation
24:08 – Asset Inspection Verification – How to configure
24:42 – Parent and child assets (related assets + Asset Components )
25:53 – Checks configuration and customisation
26:29 – Asset group mapping
27:33 – Adding unique elements to check
27:54 – Heavy vehicle asset group mapping
28:59 – Outro Goodbyes