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Maximising Efficiency and Effectiveness: How managing pool cars can be simplified

Pool cars are a crucial aspect of many organisations. Managing keys for shared vehicles can be a significant administrative burden. The process can be simplified by implementing keyless entry and integrated keyless entry systems, such as those offered by Geotab. These systems make it easier to manage keys and vehicle access and also offer additional features such as scheduling and calendar management.

Brad, a fleet manager, has been using Geotab’s poolcar management system for over a year and has found it to be highly beneficial for his small fleet of 145 assets. The system has helped him quickly and easily monitor his vehicles, trailers, and heavy equipment and extract valuable data that help him optimise his fleet’s efficiency.

One of the unique features of Brad’s fleet is that the live vehicles are changed over at 15,000 kilometres. This meant that he needed to find a GPS system that could be quickly and easily installed and would not cause any warranty issues. The OBD II plug-in for Geotab’s system proved to be an ideal solution for this, as it is specifically designed for Toyota vehicles.

The system also includes a maintenance structure that allows Brad to keep track of the various parts and components that are being used, which helps him to identify patterns and make more informed decisions about maintenance and repairs. Additionally, it has helped him improve his multi-deck mowers’ efficiency by identifying which models are the most effective in different parks.

Overall, implementing a poolcar management system such as Geotab’s can greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a fleet of vehicles. It allows fleet managers to easily track and monitor their assets, extract valuable data, and make more informed decisions about maintenance and repairs. It is a worthwhile investment for any business that operates a fleet of vehicles.