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Low-code digital transformation – MongoDB Interview our CEO Mark Hosking

MongoDB Interview Mark Hosking

Formbird’s CEO Mark Hosking talks to Michael and Nic from the MongoDB Podcast “Built With MongoDB” to share details of the Formbird low-code platform and how MongoDB plays a role in the stack and as a backing database for applications built with Formbird.

If you would like to jump forward to your question here’s the of the index of the interview.

Introduction https://youtu.be/zya_JdZb6HQ

Greetings, meet Mark Hosking https://youtu.be/zya_JdZb6HQ?t=87

What led you to start Formbird https://youtu.be/zya_JdZb6HQ?t=122

Did you start with the product leveraging a relational technology rather than a document-oriented solution? https://youtu.be/zya_JdZb6HQ?t=263

The vision of Formbird changing over time? https://youtu.be/zya_JdZb6HQ?t=365

What are the supported, languages or the supported stacks that developers can use in Formbird? https://youtu.be/zya_JdZb6HQ?t=543

Is it possible for developers to work in multiple languages to build a complete solution using Formbird? https://youtu.be/zya_JdZb6HQ?t=648

Does Formbird implement source code control in an application development life cycle? https://youtu.be/zya_JdZb6HQ?t=797

How do developers continue to use the source code control that they are used to like GitHub? https://youtu.be/zya_JdZb6HQ?t=913

Formbird manages code versioning? Functions developed by business analysts sit alongside components developed by more experienced coders. https://youtu.be/zya_JdZb6HQ?t=1016

Does Formbird use MongoDB Atlas or is it a Prime instance of MongoDB? https://youtu.be/zya_JdZb6HQ?t=1127

Are Formbird developers using a shared MongoDB instance with all other users of Formbird? https://youtu.be/zya_JdZb6HQ?t=1232

How does Formbird manage to scale with the amount of versioning the platform is doing? https://youtu.be/zya_JdZb6HQ?t=1338

What is the Formbird data model look like in terms of the number of collections that you have? https://youtu.be/zya_JdZb6HQ?t=1658

How big is the Formbird platform in terms of, of revenue or sales versus the industry-aligned/Vertical solution? https://youtu.be/zya_JdZb6HQ?t=1806

What are some examples of Formbird’s industry-aligned solutions? https://youtu.be/zya_JdZb6HQ?t=1832

How does Formbird let organisations share data across multiple Apps? https://youtu.be/zya_JdZb6HQ?t=2014

What is an example of one of Formbird’s smallest customers? https://youtu.be/zya_JdZb6HQ?t=2087

What is Formbirds revenue model? How do you bill? https://youtu.be/zya_JdZb6HQ?t=2170

How can people find out more about Formbird and make contact? https://youtu.be/zya_JdZb6HQ?t=2407