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IPWEA Fleet Conference 2023: Industry Education and Networking in a Post-COVID World


It’s the most exciting time to be involved in fleet. So many things are changing, and you
can only know some things. You need to learn from your peers. You need to learn from
the people who have gone first, whether it’s electric vehicles, the chain of responsibility,
or telematics.”

Marc Sibbald, Director IPWEA Fleet

The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) Fleet Conference 2023,
led by Director Marc Sibbald for the first time, achieved tremendous success, breaking
records for the number of exhibitors and participants. The conference, held without
COVID-related travel restrictions or concerns, aimed to reestablish IPWEA’s
significance as a significant educator and resource provider in the fleet industry.

Sibbald emphasised that the conference’s primary goal was to remind attendees of the
resources and networking opportunities available through IPWEA membership. He
explained that the organisation’s primary purpose is education, providing fleet managers
with resources such as the plant and vehicle management manual, a whole-of-life cost
calculator and a range of face-to-face workshops.

The conference’s program was praised for its strong and diverse lineup of speakers and
sessions, covering more than just electric vehicles. With a focus on chain of
responsibility, people management, technical workshop management, and the use of
technology to improve efficiency, Sibbald believes the key takeaway from the event was
that there is much more to fleet management than just electric vehicles.

The conference introduced the concept of the “Four Dimensions of Fleet Management,”
which resonated with attendees. These dimensions include technical, people,
technology, and strategy – all crucial components of successful fleet management.
Sibbald also acknowledged the need for more diversity and gender equality in the
industry, noting the increasing number of women entering the field. The audience
reflected this shift, and he hopes to encourage even greater diversity at future events.

The conference adopted a unique approach to facilitate networking, splitting attendees
into different sessions and forcing them to interact with new people, sparking thought-

provoking conversations. This strategy proved successful in connecting participants with
industry decision-makers.

As for future trends in fleet management, Sibbald predicts that technology will play an
increasingly important role in fleet optimisation and cost reduction. Particularly in fleet

 Utilising technology to understand fleet utilisation.
 Rethinking the number of vehicles needed in a fleet.
 Reducing running costs.

He anticipates that next year’s conference will feature more case studies on electric
vehicles, charging infrastructure, and GPS technology, as more organisations embrace
these innovations.

Joining IPWEA is essential for industry professionals who wish to stay current on the
latest trends and learn from their peers. With the rapidly changing landscape of fleet
management, staying connected and informed through IPWEA membership is more
important than ever.

The IPWEA Fleet Management Training Days are designed explicitly for fleet
practitioners, coordinators, and managers like you.

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