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How Formbird Ensures Your Business Wisdom Never Retires

Holding onto Corporate Knowledge: The Power of Operational Works and Asset Management Solutions

In the age of rapid employee turnover, one of the most significant challenges businesses face is the loss of corporate knowledge. When seasoned employees leave, they take with them not just skills but the invaluable tacit knowledge of business processes, often cultivated over decades. Enter solutions like Formbird FLEET and Formbird CLARITY. These aren’t just software solutions; they’re the guardians of institutional wisdom.

Formbird FLEET: Keeping the Wheels Turning with Knowledge

Consider the intricacies of fleet management. Every organisation has its unique set of rules, from vehicle maintenance schedules to driver protocols. Formbird FLEET allows organisations to encode the business’s practices and business rules into the software. 

For instance, a shire council with a fleet of trucks will have specific rules regarding vehicle maintenance frequency based on the odometer, the type of cargo carried or the terrain the vehicles have to access. Using Formbird FLEET, the council can embed rules, ensuring planned maintenance is prompted at the predefined intervals set by the business rules. 

For example, in a coastal shire council where trucks transporting quarried rocks to reinforce sea walls will be inspected for rust every 5000 kilometres due to its use near the ocean, another vehicle transporting park maintenance plant will only need to be inspected for rust every 10,000 kilometres. These unique business rules are part of the system. Even if the fleet manager retires, the system ensures that the next manager, or even a new hire, adheres to these established standards, preserving the organisation’s best practices.

Formbird CLARITY: A Clear Vision for Water Utilities Management

Water utilities present a different set of challenges. As seen in the example of the Bundaberg Regional Council, the transition from paper to digital was revolutionary. Before Formbird CLARITY, a leak in the water system was reported on paper, passed to a technician, fixed, and then recorded—often with delays and inefficiencies. The key business rule here? Rapid, efficient response to leaks to prevent wastage and ensure customer satisfaction.

Formbird CLARITY, embeds the entire process in the system. A digital workflow is triggered when anyone reports a leak; CLARITY assigns a technician, provides them with historical data on the site, and enables real-time updates from the field. The ‘paper trail’ becomes a ‘digital pathway’, streamlining operations. 

What’s more, the corporate knowledge, the specifics of how the team historically managed these issues, gets stored and can be accessed by new employees. They ensure their knowledge doesn’t go with them when a veteran employee retires.

The Future is Clear

The beauty of solutions like Formbird FLEET and Formbird CLARITY lies in their ability to streamline operations and capture and hold onto corporate knowledge. By embedding specific business rules, they preserve the organisation’s hard-earned wisdom. In an era where knowledge is power, these solutions ensure that organisations are efficient and satisfy customer needs.