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GIS Amendments, AI Optimisation Engine Integration, Booking Scheduler Formbird@Work #1

In this inaugural episode of Formbird@Work, join us at a first meetup to keep the expansive Formbird community updated with the latest developments and functionalities within the platform. As Formbird ventures into diverse industry spaces and organisational types, the team is eager to share the new additions that are continually being integrated into the system. In this meetup, the conversation revolves around the essence of sharing and collaboration, underscoring the platform’s modular and plug-and-play architecture.

The session aims to foster cross-industry exploration of the platform’s features, possibly igniting inspiration for applications in various business scenarios. This showcases the latest functionalities, such as map annotations and the newly added scheduling function, and a glimpse into the developmental process behind these innovative elements.

Whether you’re an existing member of the Formbird community or are considering joining, this episode serves as an exciting show-and-tell, facilitating an open dialogue on the technology and business aspects that drive the platform’s ongoing evolution. Tune in to discover how Formbird continues to redefine industry standards, encouraging synergy and innovation across diverse sectors. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn more about what the platform can do and how its new features can potentially cross-fertilize ideas for different industries and applications.


0:00 – Intro Paul
0:59 – Why Formbird@Work Paul
3:20 – GIS /Mapping Annotations – Grant
15:08 – Constraint-based optimisation – Mark
18:20 – AI Optimisation Integration – Adam
29:01 – Formbird Components explained