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Formbird FLEET User Community #3 26/08/21

Paul Arkell (Formbird) Daily driver Check sheet Safety audit https://youtu.be/3mOxd2L_Y84?t=38

Paul Arkell (Formbird) and Andrew Murrie (Mercurian) – pre-purchase specifications https://youtu.be/3mOxd2L_Y84?t=1546

Andrew Railz (Bundaberg Regional Council) – a case study about managing a garbage truck accident https://youtu.be/3mOxd2L_Y84?t=3580

Andrew Railz (Bundaberg Regional Council) – Taking photos to document audit Repair gallery https://youtu.be/3mOxd2L_Y84?t=3758

Andrew Railz (Bundaberg Regional Council) – Workload and HR decision making https://youtu.be/3mOxd2L_Y84?t=3730

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