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Formbird FLEET Professionals Community Meetup #4 14 Oct 21 Supervisor Review Work Orders

0:00 – Mark Introduction Meet the new sites – Brimbank – Philippines DPWH – Monash as observers

4:42 – Mark release cycles and test environments

7:44 – Michelle asks about Mantis (bug tracking system) items, how to avoid duplicates

11:33 – Mark explains best practices for Mantis items

12:32 – Paul A. comments on releases (Formbird)

15:30 – Mark introduces a discussion on risk assessment

16:22 – Duncan is talking about risk assessment; Andrew and Michelle offer to form a working group

21:02 – Andrew R. presents – Supervisor Review Work Orders

31:49 – Mark and Lachie talk about the GWW work process – Sorry, the audio is no good.

37:20 – Mark request for questions

38:40 – Paul A. discusses new functionality requests – Supervisor Review Work Order, My Custom form, Service Details, Material inheritance, Asset export, sticky filters, work order manual timesheet entry, new disposal type – trade-in, Check checklist, Paul A. discusses new functionality requests

49:39 – Andrew M. comments on how people use the numbers for unscheduled service. Brad suggests benchmarking

53:32 – Ngaire floats the idea of the forum

56:54 – How often should we have our meetups

59:19 – Ian mentions the upcoming inaugural Water professionals Community Meetup

1:00:00 – Michelle asks can we bring elements or components from one formbird app to another

1:02:00 – Marks wraps up

1:03:20 – Mark and Andrew R. discuss risk assessment 1:07:56 – End.