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Formbird FLEET Demonstration Video

Formbird Fleet Demonstration

Learn more about Formbird FLEET with our series of demonstration videos. Mark Hosking CEO and founder of Formbird runs through the basics to give you an understanding of some of the capabilities of our modern fleet information management solution.

Below is each of the videos in the series along with the time stamp so that you can jump to the part that interests you most.

Formbird Fleet Demonstration playlist on YouTube

Overview of application and underlying technology ASSETS

Video Index

0:00 – Introduction to Formbird and Formbird FLEET

1:24 – Overview of presentation

1:42 – Containers – Asset – Request – Work Orders

3:23 – Progressive Design Mobile App Native – Working on phones, tablets and desktops, operating offline

4:35 – Asset Details – Primary and secondary details, Assign to operators, Allocation

5:25 – Fuel Details – Import fuel per asset,

5:55 – Planned Maintenance Triggers – consumption-based service triggers

6:36 – Physical Details – Photos for details and documentation

Assets cont. – Warranty, Risk-based replacement, documentation

Video Index

0:32 – Asset Components – Related assets and composite assets with complex functions

2:46 – Financial – Registration, warranty, internal hire

3:16 – Special Notes and Conditions

3:38 – Competency and Training – Limiting access to vehicles to users without certification

4:06 – Operating Hours and Asset Utilisation – calculate a vehicle’s downtime

4:53 – Using images to document an asset – A social media like a newsfeed for your fleet and assets

5:55 – Risk-Based Replacement Program – replacement methodology based on key busine

ss metrics and subjective analysis.

7:17 – Parts and Inventory Management – Consumables and spare parts inventory.

REQUESTS – Repair Views, Initiating a Repair Request, Schedule

Video Index

0:34 – Overview of Requests

0:51 – Views – Repair Request Operator vs Supervisor – Understanding how Requests fit in

1:29 – Starting a Repair Request – link request to asset and schedule repair

WORK ORDERS – Generating Work Orders Scheduled Maintenance

Video Index

0:25 – Work Orders – From a Repair Request to a Work Order, Accident details, Assign Repair

1:55 – Classify Work Orders and Warranty – unscheduled v’s scheduled

2:40 – Time Sheets and Task Assignment – base costs calculating 3:22 – Assignment and Status – put a job on hold

4:01 – Repair Details, Completing a Job – documenting why the repair was required

4:30 – Questionnaires – Create your own short answer questions to add to asset documentation

5:34 – Show Materials or Consumables Service Documentation, stock management

6:27 – Planned Maintenance Schedule – Service requests are automatically generated, doing an additional repair within a scheduled service

WORK ORDERS Cont. Planned Maintenance Schedule Service Requirements

Video Index

0:35 – The Difference Between a Repair and Service retrieve parts list and task details, and checklist for service, service notifications.

2:43 – Create and Manage the Service Schedule – Service Generator, Service Profiling, create planned maintenance, logbook, create the next service at this service

3:57 – Generating a Planned Maintenance Schedule – lead times, service inherent other services, building a profile for the life of the vehicle, Sevicing documents

7:21 – Generating a Schedule From a Log Book – flexible way to create a maintenance program