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Formbird CLARITY: Enhancing Customer Experience at Greater Western Water

Greater Western Water (GWW), a significant water utility servicing much of Melbourne’s west, including over 430,000 homes, has significantly enhanced its operational efficiency following an upgrade to its implementation of the Formbird CLARITY system. Renowned as a comprehensive mobile workforce and operational asset management solution, CLARITY has proved indispensable in tasks ranging from call-taking and dispatching to managing ‘Before You Dig’ requests and scheduling preventative and project works.

Consolidating Data for Enhanced Efficiency 

Central to GWW’s operation, CLARITY is their primary operational asset management system, seamlessly integrating data from internal property and GIS databases. It consolidates information about all assets, customers, and properties, both above and below ground, in a single location. This enables GWW to run more efficiently, swiftly responding to issues and scheduling preventative work by categorising tasks as ‘Cases’.

Facilitating Rapid Response and Problem Resolution 

Beyond mere identification and prioritisation of problems, CLARITY also proves invaluable in managing case resolution. Activities necessary to resolve a case, known as ‘Actions’, are meticulously recorded. CLARITY’s advanced system allows GWW to delegate these Actions to appropriate teams or individuals, ensuring that tasks are handled by the right personnel, enhancing efficiency and speeding up problem resolution.

Real-Time Data for Informed Decision-Making 

Crucial to the system’s efficacy is CLARITY’s ability to provide real-time data, empowering GWW to make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information. This ability has enabled GWW to decrease the time and resources spent on manual reporting processes, allowing staff to focus on other essential tasks.

Aligning with Industry Standards 

Further augmenting its effectiveness, CLARITY aligns with models other water customers use in line with industry standards, simplifying system understanding and usage for GWW employees. This consistency aids in meeting the regulatory reporting requirements of the Essential Services Commission, contributing to GWW’s impressive compliance record and mitigating the risk of costly fines or penalties.

Prioritising Safety and Stakeholder Communication 

Of considerable importance is CLARITY’s capacity to track problem status and promptly notify stakeholders of changes or updates, which is particularly vital for customers potentially impacted by extended water shut-offs. The system also assists GWW in managing work-related hazards, enhancing crew safety.

Project Management Capabilities 

CLARITY’s operational works assignment and management capabilities are paramount to GWW’s project tracking, ensuring they are completed on time and within budget.

Formbird CLARITY: A Cornerstone for Greater Western Water’s Success 

Implementing Formbird CLARITY at Greater Western Water has brought about marked improvements in operational efficiency. By swiftly identifying and prioritising problems, managing resolution, and tracking work progress, the system empowers GWW’s staff to enhance their customer experience. Through the robust application of Formbird CLARITY, GWW continues to meet and exceed expectations in the water utility sector.