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FLEET Professionals Meetup #8 – Fleet Management – Customers feature requests and how made it work

– Introduction and overview of today’s meetup

5:16 – Mark Hosking Introduces Adam to talk about features

6:23 – Adam customer feature request introduction

7:09 – Adding a cost to an asset independent of a work order (Suggestion from Brimbank)

8:32 – Recording materials and labour against a job but not a fleet asset (suggestion from Bega Valley)

11:15 – Creating a repair request from operators

12:05 – Alert for when the assets registration has expired as part of daily driver check sheets (suggestion from Bogan Shire)

14:19 – Feature request Michelle – supervisor review when awaiting technician.

14:47 – Encouraging drivers to complete a daily driver checklist.

15:36 – Change to work flow, in the case of fail, automatically create request

18:14 – Making vehicle unable to be used when it has urgent fail of daily driver checklist and alert supervisor + discussion

26:26 – Repair work orders – repair checks similar to PM work order

29:55 – Risk assessment work order questionnaire functionality – work in progress

34:52 – Paul A explains the Risk Assesment and Work Order relationships

37:20 – Adding risk assessment to test general discussion

38:32 – How to access the video index, use the Meetup resources

41:25 – Meetup feedback

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