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Business Telematics – Implementing GPS for your FLEET Professionals meet up #11

Every second month, the Formbird FLEET professional’s community members come together to learn and share information about optimizing fleets. Register here, https://www.formbird.com/category/fleet-professionals-community/ At this meet up we had a special opportunity to hear from Brad from Tenterfield about how I Tracking fuel use and tools using blue tooth, Fuel tax credits using telematics to ensure bins are collected and much more

0:00 – Paul Intro and overview
0:14 – Mark Platform update – Off-line functionality trial
2:20 – Formbird FLEET – upgrade to version 4
3:35 – Adam Features and Fixes
4:13 – Express Fuel utilisation report
7:30 – Fuel Consumption by Asset
8:46 – Update meter reading with upload
10:57 – Bulk import registration details and tolls import
12:22 – How to find help in Formbird FLEET
15:29 – Paul Asset table filtering changes the column’s selective data views (save view)
22:09 – Having different table layouts for different various tasks in your roles
23:46 – Optimising the dashboard page loads
27:14 – Tag out an asset
30:04 – email notification to supervisor for tag out
31:57 – Daily Driver check sheet
34:27 – Mark Business Telematics – GPS tracking
41:50 – Brad and his implementation of GEOTAB – Overview
42:59 – Hints for how to implement business telematics
46:16 – Workplace surveillance policy
47:08 – Fuel tax credits – Using telematics to satisfy the requirements of the ATO
48:51 – Tracking chainsaw fuel usage BlueTooth beacons to attached to indicate when the chainsaw was used
50:00 – monitoring fuel “shrinkage” to show when and where the fuel was used
50:35 – GO9 using Bluetooth – how he is monitoring chainsaw usage (where and when)
52:30 – Bluetooth tracking fuel theft
53:49 – GEOTAB doesn’t have 5-axis accelerometer using telematics to detect road degradation
55:13 – Using telematics to ensure bins are collected (how many bins in a given day)
55:39 – Geofencing
57:02 – Q-Does GEOTAB know when 4 x 4 has been engaged? Customise reports in GEOTAB
59:06 – Mark explains OBD2 technology
1:00:37 – Optimisation of mowing using telematics
1:02:00 – Wiring switches to detect when the mower is engaged
1:04:57 – Fuel Tax Credit claims – business justification for Telematics
1:08:57 – End

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