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Fleet Conference 2022 – The word on everybody’s lips?

Mark Hosking presenting at IPWEA 2022 Australasian fleet conference

At the recent IPWEA fleet conference in Brisbane, members of the local government community and vendor representatives gathered to discuss all things fleet. But what was it that everybody wanted to talk about? – Read on.

At the stand in the main hall, Formbird’s team rubbed shoulders and exchanged ideas with a steady stream of customers and soon-to-be customers.

Mark Hosking, CEO and founder of Formbird, was also fortunate to be invited to speak. He presented his thoughts on the theme of the conference. – Leading Fleet Management Through Change.

Hosking took a deep dive into the big idea that underwrites his guiding philosophy; great software transforms an organisation’s information into communication.

His tenant is that fleet managers should be making decisions based on data, not spending their time managing the data resonated with the crowd, and he welcomed the feedback after the presentation.

Did he get to the topic that everyone wanted to hear about? Electric vehicles, yes! To summarise Mark’s thoughts, electric vehicle adoption will be a crucial milestone for fleet information management systems (FMIS). FMIS, by automating data collection, will take the drudgery of fleet data collection, enabling rich data analysis at its highest quality.

Automating data collection will enable organisations to focus on the big picture and establish a predictive model to deliver results for fleet managers.

Mark Hosking, Founder CEO Formbird

This “future-focused” fleet management model will deliver a continuous improvement cycle. That will give fleet managers a good night’s sleep, knowing that their processes retain corporate knowledge and promote operational safety.

Adopting continuous improvement practices will drive innovation giving fleet managers the fleet they planned for, not the fleet they ended up with. In Mark’s words,

You don’t want to end up like Mediocrities.

Don’t miss next year’s Australiasian Fleet conference that moves to the Gold Coast; I’m sure Formbird and Mark will see you then.