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Formbird FLEET Professionals Community Meetup #14 11:00AM (MELB/SYD) 10:00AM (QLD)

Long-Term Replacement Prediction Reporting Costs of individual assets/replacement dates A sneak peek into the future (without the crystal ball) Feature Discussion - Email Notifications Bring your thoughts and let us know. Let's get the balance right with a group discussion. Formbird - Version 4 By popular demand, let's get up close and personal with the [...]

Managing the Ordering and Restocking of Store Materials – Formbird FLEET Professionals Community Meet-Up June 6 2023 #16 11:00AM AEST

AGENDA Managing the Ordering and Restocking of Store Materials. Inventory Management: Monitors stock levels of store materials and identifies when replenishment is needed. Automated Alerts: Sends notifications when stock levels fall below a set threshold, triggering restocking orders. Order Management: Assists in creating and tracking purchase orders for new materials. Supplier Management: Helps track supplier [...]

Formbird@Work Community Platform Meet Up #1 GIS Amendments – Optimisation Integration – Booking Gantt Chart

HOST:  Mark Hosking - Formbird WHEN: 11:00 AM (VIC/NSW) / 9:00 AM (WA) DATE:  Thursday, 24 Aug 2023 Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9268906727 AGENDA:  Meet up #1 - GIS Amendments - Optimisation Integration - Booking Gantt Chart 🌐 GIS Amendments: Using Formbird mapping capabilities to allow crews to annotate asset maps in situ and communicate with the GIS [...]

Asset Verification – Auditing Assets #17


The upcoming Formbird Fleet meetup will highlight Asset Verification, a crucial aspect of fleet management. The session will cover auditing assets to ensure accurate records and address potential theft. Discover who last interacted with or used a specific asset, providing essential insights into asset tracking and security. Join us to enhance your asset management strategies.

Streamlining Workshop Processes – reduce operational friction

We have our next Formbird FLEET Professionals Community on the 2nd of November at 11:00 AM DST. We will be discussing. AGENDA -Streamlining Workshop Processes For the next meet-up, we are hosting a conversation around "Streamlining Workshop Processes."  We want to hear about your current pain points, their impact, and how process alterations could ease them, [...]