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Embracing Change: Formbird FLEET as the Ideal Response to Telstra’s 3G Shutdown for Modern Fleet Information Management


Opportunities Amidst Change

The looming shutdown of Telstra’s 3G network across Australia brings a transformative opportunity for fleet managers. While the shutdown signals the end of an era, it also presents a chance to leap forward into an advanced age of telematics, with the potential to enhance efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility. Among the solutions leading this charge into the future is Formbird FLEET, a comprehensive fleet information management platform that could become the new industry standard.

Formbird FLEET has many features that make it uniquely suitable for organisations grappling with the challenges of modern fleet management. It delivers top-notch GPS capabilities, versatile reporting and dashboards, process and operations management tools, accident and fuel management features, offline capabilities, mobile-first design, comprehensive security, and more. This rich functionality is combined with a user-friendly interface, making the system easy to navigate even for those new to the telematics sphere.

Driving Towards a Greener Future

Critically, Formbird FLEET’s robust telematics technology offers the potential to reduce carbon emissions significantly, a pressing issue for a country committed to reaching net zero by 2050. With real-time traffic and weather information, fleet managers can plan the most efficient routes, leading to reduced fuel consumption and emissions. Formbird FLEET also equips fleet managers with the ability to track and analyse driving behaviour, helping to identify and rectify unsafe or inefficient driving practices.

Formbird FLEET is ready for the future, with features designed to seamlessly integrate electric vehicles into fleet operations. The solution is a leader in the shift towards more sustainable modes of transport but also provides a powerful tool for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve.

The 3G Shutdown: A New Era of Opportunities

As the 3G network prepares for its final curtain call in June 2024, fleet managers relying on older, 3G-dependent systems will find themselves at a crossroads. The 4G takeover, rather than being a disruptive force, should be viewed as an opportunity for a transformative upgrade. To make the most of this change, fleet managers must take stock of their needs and priorities, from enhancing safety to reducing costs, from increasing Electric Vehicles (EVs) to implementing scalable carbon emission reduction strategies.

With its cutting-edge features and data-driven insights, Formbird FLEET can guide this transition towards a more intelligent, greener future for fleet management in Australia. As a leading provider of fleet information management solutions, Formbird is committed to helping businesses unlock the full potential of their fleets.

The Journey Begins Now

The impending 3G shutdown is a significant moment in Australia’s digital landscape. Still, with the right planning and tools, it can become the springboard for an exciting new era in fleet management. The journey towards enhanced efficiency, safety, and sustainability starts now.