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Hosted Server

The following guides provide information on how to access Formbird admin functions on the hosted Formbird Server.


The following are a list of command line, shell script commands that directly relate to the administration of the Formbird hosted server environment. The shell scripts are located in the directory /formbird/utils


By starting a command with "fb" will operate that comand under the formbird user. The formbird user is a restricted account that does not have shell login for security purposes. Therefore by using the "fb" before the command the following command runs under the formbird user. Particularly useful for monitoring the pm2 (node) processes running under the formbird user.

fb pm2 list
fb pm2 kill
fb pm2 monit
fb pm2 logs
fb pm2 logs system-actions
fb pm2 help


Restarts the formbird application server and oter related processes controlled by the PM2 processes.



Initialises an environment by loading the dump file and performinig an elasticsearch indexing on the newly imported database. Parameters: dbName dbDumpDirectory

fb-db-restore formbird-dev ./formbird-dev-dmp


Performs an elasticsearch reindex by mongo dumping, removing the db and re-importing the dump. As this performs the initial dump - the mongo indexes are maintained. Parameters: dbName

fb-db-reindex-dump formbird-dev


Perform a restart on the gui. This may be required from time to time if you have in-advertantly locked it up, or multiple users are accessing the single environment. The restart of the gui does not cause any data loss.



Used to totally stop the gui. Reducing load on the server and further increasing security ie. by removing a potential access point.



Display the full server name from a database backup point of view. Servers are backed up based on the name of the server and the mac address of the primary interface.


Log Files

Log files are located under /formbird/logs each are symbolic links to the real log directory. eg. the formbird app logs can be found at /formbird/logs/formbird-app listed based on the name of the pm2 process and either -out or -error

BIRT Report Files

The BIRT report files can also be found under /formbird/reports this too is a symbolic link to the default directory for birt reports under the web BIRT web server.