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Request and Response Structures


Web Service requests must conform to a basic structure which contains execution instructions, and passed-in parameters (optional). Example request follows:

    "componentDocumentName": "ws-test-service",
    "functionName": "sortParameters",
    "functionParameters": [9,5,7,2,1,8,6,4,3,0]
value required description
componentDocumentName true Name of Component Document containing the web service function
functionName true Name of the function being called in the web service
functionParameters false An array of parameters to pass to the function being called

Refer to the execute API documentation for examples on how to call a Web Service Component Function using curl. This can be found here Execute a Web Service Component Function


Web Service responses are determined by the function creator. It is recommended that the response be structured as a json value, to maintain consistency with the core web services provided by Formbird (ie. Create, Retrieve, Search, etc). Following on from the "sortParameters" example request above, an example response follows:

{ { "parameters": [0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9] }

Refer to the API documentation for information on the core web services provided by Formbird.