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Web Services components

This document introduces Web Service Components and Functions and provides details on how to create and call them.

Web Service Components and Functions

Web Service Components provide the ability to create customized Web Service Functions using the Formbird platform.

A Web Service Component is a document that contains 1 or more functions that are accessible as a restful web service. Functions can be written to facilitate all manner of requirements, including:

  • accepting data from third-party systems (for integration, etc);
  • supplying custom datasets (for reporting requests, etc);
  • providing custom event triggers (automated tasks, progress monitoring, etc).

Any application that can call a restful web service can call these functions, once granted permission.

Functions may be grouped together in a single Web Service Component document. When determining whether to group functions together or keep them separate, you will need to consider the scope of the function, the relationship / similarity with each other (ie. do they all relate to the same topic, eg. GIS based functions), and to what degree you wish to control access to the functions. Creating a separate component for each function provides the greatest flexibility in controlling access to functions, yet this level of control may not be necessary depending on your requirements.