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Creating a Drop Down Component

Create a component using schematics and name it with your initial E.g:


We are going to make it render the Material UI's select component at, which displays select input, similar to the existing sc-drop-down.

To do this:

  1. Install the @material-ui/core module with:

    yarn add @material-ui/core
  2. Import the Select and MenuItem and other necessary components in src/components/JdDropDown.tsx with:

    import InputLabel from '@material-ui/core/InputLabel';
    import MenuItem from '@material-ui/core/MenuItem';
    import FormHelperText from '@material-ui/core/FormHelperText';
    import FormControl from '@material-ui/core/FormControl';
    import Select from '@material-ui/core/Select';
    import { makeStyles } from '@material-ui/core/styles';
  3. Add dropDownList to your component definition in the template:

        "label": "Test jd-drop-down",
        "componentName": "jd-drop-down",
        "name": "testJdDropDown",
        "fullWidth": true,
        "dropDownList": [
            "Option 1",
            "Option 2",
            "Option 3",
            "Option 4"
  4. Add the material-ui css-in-js style: javascript const useStyles = makeStyles((theme) => ({ formControl: { margin: theme.spacing(1), minWidth: 120, }, selectEmpty: { marginTop: theme.spacing(2), }, })); and add classes variable to be used in the jsx: javascript const classes = useStyles(); to know more about styling please look at

  5. Add the onChange handler:

    ```javascript function onChange(event) { setValue(;

    changedDocumentService.valueChanged({ document, fieldName, fieldValue, formParameters, template, componentDefinition, key },; } 6. Replace the JSX:html

    jd-drop-down works. Please edit src/components/JdDropDown.tsx to make changes

    Next Steps

      . . . .
    ``` To:

html <FormControl className={classes.formControl}> <InputLabel id="demo-simple-select-label">{componentDefinition.label}</InputLabel> <Select labelId="demo-simple-select-label" id={} value={value} className={classes.selectEmpty} onChange={onChange}> { componentDefinition?.dropDownList?.map(item => <MenuItem value={item}>{item}</MenuItem>) } </Select> </FormControl>

You should see the component build in the npm watch window:

webpack 5.14.0 compiled <span style="color:green">successfully</span> in 208 ms
  1. Reload the component test template. A drop down will display:

    DropDown DropDown

This example is available at